We Build Full-Stack Web Applications

That covers all parts of the architecture. From setting up and deploying a Kubernetes Cluster, adding an Ingress Router, configuring HELM templates, setting up telemetry and APM using an ELK stack, provisioning a

managed database cluster, developing and deploying the backend and frontend applications, adding micro-services and connecting them via queues to full end-to-end testing, security configuration and assessment.

Frontend Architecture

Backend Architecture



Frontend Architecture

Front-End Architecture: Breathing Life into Digital Dreams with Captivating Visual Poetry.

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SPA / PWA / Electron

SSR (Server-Side)

Web Components

Micro Frontends

SPA / PWA / Electron

Elevating Interactivity and Accessibility: Unleashing the Power of SPA, PWA, and Electron Technologies.

Our utilization of cutting-edge technologies such as Angular and React, along with the versatile Electron framework, opens the gateway to a world of enhanced user experiences through Single Page Applications (SPA), Progressive Web Apps (PWA), and Electron-powered desktop applications. With Angular at the helm, we empower the development of structured and complex applications, ensuring seamless scalability and robust architecture. On the other hand, React shines as the choice for lightweight applications, facilitating swift rendering and optimal performance. The integration of Electron further amplifies our capabilities by enabling the creation of cross-platform desktop applications, ensuring that your user experience remains consistent and immersive across various devices and platforms. Through these technologies, we craft dynamic and responsive applications that push the boundaries of interactivity and engagement, providing users with a unified and engaging experience, whether they are on the web or on their desktop.


Seamless Speed and Performance: Harnessing the Potential of SSR Server-Side Rendering.

Our strategic integration of cutting-edge technologies such as Next.js and React, coupled with Express.js and Angular, in the realm of Server-Side Rendering (SSR), yields a range of substantial benefits for applications that demand instantaneous rendering with a focus on SEO and speed. By embracing Next.js and React, we enable applications to be pre-rendered on the server, resulting in faster page load times and enhanced search engine optimization. Additionally, through the synergy of Express.js and Angular, we ensure that applications are optimized for lightning-fast rendering, catering to users seeking seamless interactivity and superior performance. This careful orchestration of technologies empowers us to craft applications that not only impress users with instant rendering but also excel in search engine visibility and overall user experience.

Web Components

Empowering Seamless Customization: Unleashing the Potential of Web Components.

Our adept utilization of cutting-edge technologies such as Angular Elements, React, and Vue within the domain of Web Components brings forth a multitude of advantages for seamlessly enhancing the extensibility and versatility of your existing application frontend. By leveraging Angular Elements, we ensure a safe, agnostic, and non-intrusive approach to integrating plugins or extending functionality. Whether it's augmenting your application with new features or streamlining user interactions, these technologies facilitate the creation of modular and reusable components, allowing for effortless integration and customization without compromising the integrity of your frontend architecture. Through this strategic integration, we empower your applications to evolve dynamically, meeting the evolving needs of your users while maintaining a consistent and robust user experience.

Micro Frontends

Seamless Scalability and Modular Evolution: Embracing the Advantages of Micro Frontends.

Our strategic implementation of cutting-edge technologies like Single SPA, Piral Framework, Luigi Framework, OpenComponents Framework, and Mosaic Framework, all falling under the umbrella of Micro Frontends, unlocks a host of compelling advantages. Particularly beneficial for scenarios where existing applications need to be expanded with different technologies, these frameworks enable seamless integration while maintaining the integrity of the original application architecture. By utilizing Single SPA with Angular or React, we ensure that extensions are smoothly integrated, allowing for the incorporation of different technologies into the existing application. This strategic approach not only fosters modular evolution but also ensures consistent user experiences and efficient development processes. Through these frameworks, we empower your applications to scale and evolve effortlessly, while maintaining the cohesion and efficiency that your users expect.

Backend Architecture

Unveiling the Unseen: Delve into the Enigmatic World of Back End Architecture.

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Queues (Micro-Services)



Queues (Micro-Services Architecture)

Efficient Workflows and Scalability: Harnessing the Potential of Queues in Micro-Services Architecture.

Our strategic adoption of advanced technologies like RabbitMQ, AWS SQS, ActiveMQ, and IronMQ, all integral to the concept of Queues within Micro-Services Architecture, offers a myriad of compelling advantages. Particularly valuable when dealing with intricate business logic that demands a non-monolithic approach, these technologies foster efficient workflows and enhanced scalability. By utilizing robust queuing systems such as RabbitMQ and AWS SQS, we ensure seamless communication and coordination between micro-services, ensuring data flows smoothly through the intricate network of services. Whether it's orchestrating complex workflows or optimizing resource allocation, these frameworks play a pivotal role in breaking down complex tasks into manageable components, improving overall performance and enabling your applications to seamlessly handle intricate business logic with peak efficiency.

Serverless Backend Architecture

Unleashing Agility and Scalability: Navigating the Landscape of Serverless Backend Architecture.

Our strategic adoption of Serverless Backend Architecture, exemplified by technologies like AWS Lambda (Node.js), CloudFlare Workers (Node.js), and supported by platforms such as Google Cloud and Azure, unlocks a plethora of compelling benefits. When seeking a lightweight and cost-effective solution, AWS Lambda stands as a cornerstone, allowing us to develop and deploy functions seamlessly without the need for provisioning or managing servers. Similarly, CloudFlare Workers, powered by Node.js, provide an efficient and budget-friendly approach for executing code at the edge of the network, enhancing performance and user experiences. This architecture not only minimizes overhead but also offers rapid scalability and flexible pricing models. By harnessing the capabilities of Serverless Backend Architecture, we empower your applications with efficient, agile, and economical solutions, ensuring they can thrive in dynamic digital landscapes while adhering to budget considerations.


Forging Digital Foundations: Navigating the Power and Possibilities of Databases.

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PostGreSQL (Relational)

Seamless Data Management: Exploring the Strength of PostGreSQL in Relational Databases.

Our strategic implementation of robust database technologies, such as PostGreSQL in its relational form, introduces a myriad of benefits to your data management ecosystem. Particularly advantageous when dealing with highly structured data that entails intricate relationships, these database frameworks ensure seamless organization and retrieval of information. By leveraging the strengths of PostGreSQL and other relational database frameworks, we empower your applications to efficiently manage complex data structures, enabling rapid queries, accurate analysis, and optimized storage. This technology ensures that your data remains cohesive and accessible, facilitating a smooth interplay of information across various entities, making it an indispensable asset for applications requiring meticulous data handling and robust relationship management.

MongoDB (Document)

Dynamic Data Flexibility: Embracing the Capabilities of MongoDB in Document Databases.

Our strategic integration of advanced database technologies, exemplified by MongoDB in its document-oriented form, offers a plethora of benefits to streamline your data management strategies. Particularly valuable when handling semi-structured or unstructured data that necessitates a less rigid approach to relationships, these database frameworks ensure dynamic flexibility in data storage. By harnessing the prowess of MongoDB and other document-oriented database frameworks, we empower your applications to navigate the complexities of varying data formats without the constraints of traditional relational models. This technology fosters efficient data retrieval, seamless data modeling, and simplified scalability, making it an ideal choice for scenarios where data structures are not predefined or when maintaining intricate relationships is not a primary concern. Through these frameworks, we facilitate the optimal handling of data that evolves and adapts, ensuring that your applications can effortlessly accommodate changes while delivering top-notch performance and user experiences.


Foundations of Digital Power: Navigating the Realm of Infrastructure Technologies.


Building the Backbone: Navigating the Foundations of Infrastructure Technologies.

Our strategic incorporation of cutting-edge Infrastructure technologies, encompassing managed and on-premises Kubernetes, capitalizes on the robust capabilities of widely-recognized platforms such as Google Cloud, Azure, Digital Ocean, Oracle Bare Metal, AWS EKS, and Cloudflare. This approach stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering unparalleled performance and scalability for your applications. By aligning with the most reputable and established orchestration infrastructures globally, we ensure that your applications can seamlessly handle any load and function with optimal efficiency. This strategic integration of Infrastructure technologies empowers your applications with a rock-solid foundation, enabling them to thrive in dynamic digital environments while effortlessly accommodating increasing demands and maintaining top-notch performance levels.

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